Waxing Services

Side of Face
Full Face

(Eyebrow, Lip, Chin Side of Face)

Under Arms / Full Arms (40 Mins)
Lower Legs / Full Legs (60 Mins)
Half Arms
Back Wax
Chest Wax
Shoulder Wax
Stomach Wax
Fingers or Toes

Facial Services

Basic Facial (35 Mins)

Cleansed / Exfoliated / Massage
Mask Options: Sensitive, Dry, Oil Combination

Deep Facial (50 Mins)
Mini Facial (65 Mins)

Other Services

Nail Polish Change
Toe Polish Change
Add Gel Hand
Add Gel Toe
Nail Remove

(Acrylic, Dip Powder)

Nail Remove.


Nail Remove + Service


French + Service
Nail Design
Nail Repair

(per nail)

Extended Massage (10 Mins)

Kid Services

Young Atheles Manicure
Young Atheles Pedicure
Young Atheles Pedibomb
Little Princess Manicure
Little Princess Pedicure
Little Princess Pedibomb
Add Gel
Change Polish Hand
Change Polish Toe

Dipping Powder & Acrylic

Full Set / Overlay
Shellac Full Set / Overlay
Shellac Fill
Color Powder Full Set / Overlay
Same Color Fill
Difference Color Fill
Ombre Full Set / Overlay
One Color Fill
Two Color Fill
Pink and White Full Set / Overlay
Pink Fill
Pink and White Fill
Dipping Powder Over Nature Nail
Dipping Powder with Tip
French Dip
French Dip with Tip
Ombre Dip
Ombre Dip with Tip
* High School Special for each services

Manicure & Pedicure

Classic Manicure
Deluxe Collagen Manicure

- Collagen Gloves

- Warm Towels Massage

Classic Pedicure
Callus Treatment Pedicure

Callus Treatment 

Deluxe Pedicure

- Callus Treatment 

- Skins Care Supply

- Mask and Paraffin Treatment 

- Hot Stones Delux Massage

Organic Honey and Milk Pedicure

- Soak in with organic honey and milk

- Organic supply for the service

- Milk mask and paraffin treatment 

- Honey pearl Delux massage

- Five minutes of shoulder massage



Gold Himalayan Salt Pedicure

- Soak in gold Himalayan salt

- Gold supply

- Gold mask and paraffin treatment

- Himalayan hot stones service

- Himalayan plate foot massage 

- Gold massage 

- Five minutes of shoulder massage